• Q1.I don’t need an office but I would like to work from home. Do I need a licence for this?

    Yes, you do need a licence for this. Previously, only Emirati nationals were allowed this licence, however recently it has opened up to expats as well. This licence applies to certain activities such as blogging services, tax reclaim services, internet content provider, software design, marketing management and others. We can advise you if you are eligible for this licence after we establish your activity.

  • Q2.What type of business licence do I need for my company?

    Your type of licence will depend on what activities your business will be involved in. There are three main types of licences Professional Licence which is mainly for a services company Commercial/Trade Licence which is mainly for retail, medical etc. Industrial Licence which is for manufacturing and industrial activities. If you are unsure which licence you need, we will help you determine what you need.

  • Q3.Is it difficult to shut down a company?

    Closing down a company is not difficult; we can do everything for you. There will be some fees that have to be paid to government bodies and there are certain procedures that need to be dealt with, but we can do everything from A-Z.

  • Q4.If I opt for sponsorship from one of your local sponsors, will you sort out any problems that may arise?

    Our local sponsors are very professional and non-problematic. Your dealings will be directly with us.

  • Q5.If I have a mainland (DED) licence, do I still to rent a full office?

    Not anymore, you can now rent a flexi desk – that will be enough.

  • Q6.What is a Memorandum of Association (MOA)?

    This is an agreement drawn up and certified at the Notary Office between the local sponsor and yourself as a business owner – it is the private agreement between you regarding profit shares, liability, fees and any other relevant clauses.

  • Q7.If I have my own local sponsor, can you still do government paperwork for me?

    Yes. While we provide our own local sponsors, we can do any paperwork you need if you have your own sponsor, however there may be delays that we cannot avoid due to your sponsor’s availability for necessary signatures etc.

  • Q8.I am moving to Dubai and need to set up a business. Can you do everything for me from A-Z?

    We can do everything for you – from getting you a local sponsor to your trade licence issued, any residence visas, setting up bank accounts and finding office space.

  • Q9. I always forget when residencies and licences are up for renewal – will you be able to take care of that?

    Yes, we will tell you when renewals are due and take care of that for you.

  • Q10. I am a freelancer – do I need any kind of licence to work and do I need to charge and pay VAT?

    At this moment legally, there is no licence for a freelancer. VAT is only applicable for earnings over US$ 50,000 annually.

  • Q11. If I want to move my residency from an old passport to a new one- is that possible?

    Yes, this should be a straight forward process and we can do it.

  • Q12.Can I move a valid residency from one nationality passport to another?

    Yes, we can do this.

  • Q13. Why do fees and document requirements vary from one moment to the next?

    This is not something that we can control; the government has the right to change requirements and fees as it sees fit and we make sure we stay up to date on any changes and keep you posted on any relevant changes that might affect you or your business.